S&S Urethane & Ceramics core business revolves around fabrication and installation of wear and abrasive lining systems.

We offer design/engineering, fabrication, sandblasting, liner installation, and custom painting for your material handling system requirements.Original equipment or refabrication, plate work, or piping.

Ceramic Tile Lining

Lining and Piping

we specialize in
fabrication and lining
of piping systems.

ceramic tiles are the top choice for durability

As a material, ceramic has beneficial anti-corrosion properties that prolong wear life and improve impact resistance.

Ceramic wear liners are designed to be extremely resistant to abrasion even in high material flows and speeds, preventing material build-up.

We perform both original equipment and retrofit applications of pump suction and discharge components, media piping systems, elbows, and reducers.

In order to maximize the performance of ceramic piping systems, we ensure that inside diameters match with mating components appropriate ceramic thicknesses are used for the application.

uses for ceramics

Wear-resistant ceramic liners and lining systems protect:

  • mining chutes
  • conveyors
  • deflectors
  • hoppers
  • piping systems

from severe impact and abrasion.

the hardness of
alumina ceramics is
nearly three times
that of stainless steel.

ready to extend the durability of your equipment?


benefits of urethanes

Oil, water, and weather resistance, ozone and oxidation resistance, and resistance to many chemicals.

High tensile and tear strength compared to other elastomers. Outstanding abrasion resistance compared to metals, plastics, and other elastomers.

Higher load-bearing capacity than other elastomers.

uses for urethanes

Spray-applied urethanes are typically suited for use in:

  • screen equipment
  • flumes
  • mills
  • hoppers

and other areas where corrosion and fine particle abrasion occur.

spray-apply urethane

We have the technical ability and expertise to spray-apply urethane as a corrosion and fine particle abrasion resistant lining. We use a plural component, heated, high pressure system to apply urethane materials to steel and other substrates. Spray-applied urethanes are typically suited for use in screen equipment, flumes, mills, hoppers and other areas where corrosion and fine particle abrasion occur.

cast urethane

Our variety of standard materials and processing methods allow for a wide range of hardness in the finished part. We have the ability to cast parts as stand-alone components or cast urethane to bond with steel substrates. Molds can be made from fabricated or machined steel, or from urethane as a cost-effective option.

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equipment more resistant?

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our team has the training

Skilled in numerous trades, our team has the experience needed to design & engineer your next system.


high-velocity sandblasting.

Often a crucial first step in fabrication work is ensuring the steel is clean. Sandblasting efficiently cleans away any old paint, dirt, scale or other impurities. After a thorough media blast, the metal product will be completely stripped of all potential contaminants.

We have the ability to perform large or small jobs at our facility or on-site.


we use durable paints.

One of the critical final steps is painting your equipment with a durable and trusted paint that will withstand abuse from daily use and the elements.

We stand behind our work and use paints that will provide the best protection for the application and use.

on-site maintenance

we can help

When performing repairs, versatility is key. S&S Urethane’s team members hold certifications in multiple processes, materials, and codes, and follow technology trends closely to ensure they are at the cutting edge to provide more cost-effective, higher-quality services.

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