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S&S Urethane & Ceramics has the technical ability and expertise to spray-apply urethane as a corrosion and fine particle abrasion resistant lining. We use a plural component, heated, high pressure system to apply urethane materials to steel and other substrates. Spray-applied urethanes are typically suited for use in screen equipment, flumes, mills, hoppers and other areas where corrosion and fine particle abrasion occur.

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Spray-applied Urethane

Spray-Applied Urethane Materials

S&S Urethane & Ceramics is a proud applicator of the following Technical Urethane, Inc. products for corrosion and wear protection:

Techthane 180 Spray-Applied Elastomer

An advanced, high performance, 100% solids urethane elastomer designed to protect equipment from fine particle abrasion. It cures to form a smooth, glossy, rubbery finish with 2000% better fine particle abrasion resistance than steel. Shore A Hardness 78

Techthane 90SS-Mid Build Elastomer Spray Lining

A multi-purpose, high build, high solids urethane lining applied with standard airless spray equipment. 90SS is an excellent substitute for 180 where plural-component equipment is not available. Shore A Hardness 87

Techthane 98SS-Mid Build Elastomer Spray Lining

A high build, batch mix urethane lining applied with standard airless spray equipment. Typical applications involve corrosion protection and sealing where a lower coefficient of friction is required compared to softer urethane linings. Shore A Hardness 96

Techthane 685 High Build Elastomer Lining

A high build, high solids batch mix urethane lining. 685 forms a seamless, highly elastomeric lining that flexes with expansion and contraction. Typical applications involve water containment lining in the power generation industry. Shore A Hardness 85