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S&S Urethane & Ceramics core business is the installation of ceramic tile for the purposes of wear and abrasion resistance.

S&S Urethane & Ceramics offers design/engineering, fabrication, sandblasting, tile installation and custom painting for your material handling system requirements. Original equipment or re-fabrication, platework or piping, S&S Urethane & Ceramics has the materials and manpower to meet your fabrication and lining requirements.

S&S Urethane & Ceramics specializes in fabrication and lining of piping systems. We perform both original equipment and retrofit applications of pump suction and discharge components, heavy media piping systems, elbows and reducers. In order to maximize the performance of ceramic piping systems, we ensure that inside diameters match with mating components and that appropriate ceramic thickness is used for the application.

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Industrial Ceramic Tile | Engineered Ceramic Tile | Eproxy/Wearing Compound

Industrial Ceramic Tile

General Material Information

Ceramic Tile compared to AR-400 & SS-300
Wear Resistance (Sliding Abrasion)
Ceramic is 3 to 5 times more wear resistant than AR-400
Ceramic is 5 to 6 times more wear resistant than SS-300
Ceramic is 5 times harder than AR-400
Ceramic is 7 times harder than Stainless 300 Series

Standard Material Types

Straight Sided Tile (Plain & Weldable) from 1/8 to 2 Thickness
Side Angled Pipe Tile (1/2 & 1 Thickness) to fit 6 to 24 Diameter Pipe
Hex Tile from 1/8 to 1 Thickness
Impact Resistant Corguard Tile from 1 to 4 Thickness
Engineered Ceramic Tile to fit almost any geometry

Corguard Impact Resistant Tile

Tile cast from Alumina-Zirconia-Silica in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Industry-leading high impact resistant liner for applications in raw coal chutes,
refuse chutes and high drop areas.
Manufacturing process allows for weld clips to be imbedded in tile, unlike other ceramics.

Engineered Exhauster Peripheral Ceramic

2 T&G / Beveled / Weldable Engineered Ceramic

Ceramic Lined Piping

Pump Suction / Discharge Components

Spools and Segmented Elbows lined with 1 Ceramic retrofit for existing HM Underflow Circuit