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Cast Urethane

S&S Urethane & Ceramics has the unique ability to cast parts from urethane. Our variety of standard materials and processing methods allow for a wide range of hardness in the finished part. We have the ability to cast parts as stand-alone components or cast urethane to bond with steel substrates. Molds can be made from fabricated or machined steel, or from urethane as a cost effective option.

Materials / Applications

S&S Urethane & Ceramics variety of cast materials display high load bearing capacity, excellent abrasion, environmental and chemical resistance. Cast urethane materials cure to form a smooth, glossy finish and range from Shore A Hardness between 60 and 100. Typical applications include sieve bend hold down parts, screen wear panels, mining parts, slurry / agitation equipment, telescoping chutes/cones and seals.